The Hydrosphere Aquarium 


The hydrosphere is designed around the concept of the 5 Oceans of the world. Each Ocean is represented by a series of separated modular buildings. The volume or size of each module is related to the actual size of the particular Ocean it represents.
The user journeys through each building/Ocean experiencing a different atmosphere within each zone culminating in the central core where they are educated on the difficult climate change challenges that lay ahead in order for us to protect the existence of our Oceans Species.
The 5 Ocean buildings are covered with a thin layer of transparent ETFE Foil that acts as a protective layer against the elements. The user can venture up into this interstitial space on top of the modules and below the layer of transparent foil experiencing different elevated views out towards the sea.
The large transparent Layer of foil that covers the entire building acts as large rain water harvesting system. This water is then used when changing the water in the display tanks below, thus creating the first ever sustainable Aquarium.